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Power outages

The ice storm last night cost us power.  My phone works fine, it’s a landline,  but the power flickers and is intermittant, suggesting it could go again.  All things cable are down.


13 comments on “Power outages

  1. Rusty
    December 13, 2008

    What a pain. When I had cable modem service, the company at that time, which has since been banned from providing cable service in my state, cable would routinely go out damn near every time it would so much as start drizzling, and I was stuck using a back-up super-slow dialup connection. That’s why I switched to DSL — the phone line never went out. Two cable providers later, I’m not about to switch back, although service now seems pretty solid.

    However, when the power goes out, you’re screwed if you don’t have a backup generator. I may be able to run my laptop for a few hours on battery power, but even the DSL modem and wireless router have to be plugged into an outlet to work. Curiously enough, the power’s more likely to go out when a squirrel chews through a line somewhere, or gets into a transformer box, causing a mini explosion and some rather spectacular arcing, than during a storm.

    The power company’s pretty good about getting the electricity back on fairly quickly, unless the outage is extremely widespread. Brown-outs are far more common around here than actual outtages, which don’t seem to happen as often as they did just a few years ago.

  2. CritGit
    December 13, 2008

    Not some naked bloke pulling the switches again then? Awww

  3. cussedness
    December 13, 2008

    Not the naked bloke this time. Several townships around us are still without power.

  4. khazar
    December 13, 2008

    Glad you’re OK.

  5. cussedness
    December 13, 2008

    there is supposed to be another storm moving in. I am hoping that nothing more goes wrong with the power. I am very glad that I switched to a landline last March.

  6. RHFay
    December 13, 2008

    I got lucky where I am. Internet went down for about fifteen minutes, and the power merely flickered and went out momentarily once or twice. The surrounding area, most of the rest of the Capital District of New York, got hit pretty hard.

    My wife and I went for a walk last night to survey the damage done. Small tree limbs were down everywhere, and a whole tree came down in a park several blocks north of us. I don’t know how we managed to keep from losing power.

  7. Rusty
    December 13, 2008

    Just talked to dad. They lost the Norway spruce in the back yard that was twice as tall as their two-story colonial. We didn’t get the ice, but two days worth of torrential rain loosened the soil around the roots, and the whole tree just toppled over. It fell down the hill toward their neighbors, rather than landing on the house, fortunately.

    I may have to send S over there with his chainsaw. He won’t be able to carve up the part near the base, but he should be able to clear away whatever landed in the neighbor’s yard, and across their driveway.

  8. SirOtter
    December 14, 2008

    The only ill effect we suffered was from the ritual ransacking of groceries by terrified Tennesseans who were convinced they’d be snowed in for days by the half inch we got, and thus would not be able to reach the stores again before they died of either starvation or some vitamin-deficiency disease like scurvy or beri-beri. Needless to say, the snow was completely gone from the roads by 9:00 AM, and only lingers in a few yards here and there now.

  9. SirOtter
    December 14, 2008

    That was here in Rutherford County, I should mention. There were dozens of wrecks in Nashville, but that’s not all that unusual as most Nashvillians consider themselves NASCAR drivers in training anyhow, and are always ready, willing and able to swap paint with everyone else, mos tof whom are driving at double the speed limits around the city’s interstates, or well below the limits in the left lanes. Most of the denizens of Music City can’t drive worth a bucket of warm shit anyway; snow only makes it worse.

  10. CritGit
    December 14, 2008

    We have that kind of thing over here. One inch of snow and the country grinds to a halt and people start acting out Night of the Living Dead.

  11. Jenny
    December 14, 2008

    Where I am it’s just freaking cold. We got about six inches of snow Friday night, but the wind packed all that down into drifts that were hell to shovel out. Right now, it’s about 0 F out, and we’re supposed to get down to -10 F tonight.

  12. SirOtter
    December 14, 2008

    It’s 59 degrees here now. To quote Phil Harris, “That’s what I like about the South!”

  13. katfairy
    December 15, 2008

    Up here it’s a bit chilly (27), and the roads are not completely clear of black ice yet. Don’t even ask about the sidewalks- most of the residents seem to think that shoveling sidewalks is coddling us poor wimpy types who actually like to be able to get where we’re going without walking in the road.

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