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Warcraft again

I try as much as possible to solo things on Warcraft.  It’s my stress relief valve.

However, I have recently begun trying to lvl up my little pally and he hit lvl 19 yesterday.  For the past few days, Proudee has been helping me with some of the quests.  All of Pro’s alts start with ‘pro’ and he mostly plays female elves because they are easier on the eye.  But that always makes me want to call Pro, “she” and that would be a mess.

Yesterday I had my little pally, Toddsinclair, running quests in Duskwood.  Pro showed up like he has been doing the past few days and we were having a decent time there.  The alert flashed that Stitches, a lvl 32 elite capable of demolishing lvl 45 warriors, went out.  For fun, I posted an “all hands on board” comment in the guild chat.

Gotreks and Amar immediately grouped up and headed for Duskwood to save the boss from Stitches.  Treks is a lvl 50 pally and Amar is a lvl 47 hunter.  They caught up with Pro and I in the middle of the ghoul yard in Raven Hill.

Pro booted me from the group, apparently on the assumption that I had or would group with Treks and Amar.  Meanwhile, Treks and Amar thought I was still grouped with Pro.  So there I was with my little pally in the middle of a place that was thick with lvl 25 ghouls just ready to make sushi of him.  Everyone is running in different directions.  I requested Treks to group with me and got a rejection because he was already grouped.

SIGH.  I kept saying, “help” and Pro posted a comment in guild chat that I did not need that large of a group of defenders.  It took several minutes before anyone realized that my defenseless little pally had no one protecting him.  Meanwhile I was trying to get over the fence and out of the ghoul yard.  Treks then grouped me in with him and Amar and all was well.

At the time it was disconcerting, but looking back on it, it was hilarious.

Pallys can’t use distance weapons.   Running him is a pain at times because I can’t fight in the ways I am used to, which is edge walking and pulling.

I logged to my main, Jordansin, and stayed with him trying to get un-rattled.   Then a friend who has a lvl 22 hunter alt showed up and the game smoothed out for me.  I was able to play Todd without difficulties then and the lvling was a lot of fun.

I’ve gone back to soloing at odd hours.  I can put my toon in a safe spot and work on scenes in my novel and then play again while I retool my headspace for the next one.

We have taken to setting the looting to Free For All so that we can keep going at a rapid rate without worrying about going back to loot and throwing the pace off.

I need to get Ventrilo working.  It will make things much easier.

Does anyone know if there is a way to split the sound between my headphones and my speakers?


One comment on “Warcraft again

  1. CritGit
    January 29, 2009

    Yeah, wear the headphones with one ear off, then you can hear both. 😉

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