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Blurbs for Serpent’s Quest

I now have two blurbs.

The first one is from Lyn McConchie and I received it for the first edition of Serpent’s Quest.

Janrae Frank’s books are always something I grab the moment I have the chance. They are wonderful reads, well written, dense and richly evocative. She makes the reader see the worlds and characters which she has created and want always to see more of them as well. Her work is brilliant, hard-hitting, and the sort of thing I for one tend to be reading still at 2am since I can’t put it down until I know how things are going to turn out.
Lyn McConchie

The second one is from Bob Freeman and is for the second revised and expanded edition.

“Janrae Frank is more than a writer, she is a world-builder. Serpent’s Quest defies the limitations of genre because it is bigger than any one label can contain. It’s an epic adventure, filled with unbridled horrors and sweeping romance, but more than that, Serpent’s Quest is populated by characters who are visceral and alive. Serpent’s Quest captivates you not only because of its larger than life drama, but because you become invested in the world as a living and breathing place.”


Not bad blurbs for a worn out old has been.

On a personal note, there’s a rumor going around that Lawrence Dagstine has volunteered his services to “Simone” to help her investigate me for sins against Scientology.


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