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Panic Time

In the old days I used to keep voluminous notes on everything I did. Most of them were destroyed by Jean over the years. That was back when she was still Hank.

As the years progressed post-Jean, I became more and more stressed out when I attempted to keep track of things. It became a given that I would have attacks of panic and extended moments of feeling overwhelmed. This is a PTSD thing that happens in the silences, but not during the episodes that created it.

After bollocking up several attempts to keep a coherent timeline on my series, I resorted to the intellectual equivalent of counting on my fingers.

It did not work out so well.

Yesterday Steven instructed me to create a timeline (and stop procrastinating about it) for book four of the lycan series.

On reflection, I realized that I really needed to go back and start working on the timeline with the first book and work my way up to book four.

And….. (drum roll please)


I had fucked up.

So I am back to fixing book 1.

Fortunately, it’s simple; just a bit time consuming.


3 comments on “Panic Time

  1. Sir Otter
    April 27, 2009

    I hate when that happens.

    BTW, what the hell happened to Whistling in the Darkzone? It’s vanished from the cyberaether.

  2. SirOtter
    April 27, 2009

    OK, it’s back now. Somebody say something there before it vanishes again!

  3. cussedness
    April 27, 2009


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