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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane


More and more this thing with Polymancer Studios is shaping up to look like a clumsy attempt at a shakedown.

1) the person who contacted me turns out to be the ‘editor’ Andrew Bernstein.

Now, if they really had a legal department, why is it that the editor contacts me and not someone more in line with this type of adventure?

2) they claim to be monthly, yet they have produced only 15 issues since December 2004

3) most of their website is devoted to vanity action.

4) they pay in royalties only when they actually bother to pay someone.

5) they altered the dates on their site according to a long time gamer, and pushed back some of them so that it looks like they happened first. That smells of entrapment.

6) “According to the home page for Polymancer Studios Inc, the page is copyrighted from 2003-2008 and Polymancer is a registered trademark.

“BUT according to their website here: the page is copyrighted 2002-2009 and Polymancer is a registered trademark. Apparently their first site got hacked and they had to re-do it. But the whole pushing back the copyright is suspicious.” from an anonymous tipster and verified by me.

7) FourthRight and Polygraff do not appear to exist and never have.

8) In 2007, they announced that they were expanding due to acquisition of a distribution company, Distant Horizons, and a gaming/software firm, Rubicon Development Inc. However, Distant Horizons’ website is a placeholder. No sign of Rubicon Development Inc. can be found in Canada. The on in the UK has nothing to do with Polymancer.

9) It appears they are full of grandoise ambitions and nothing accomplished.


However, I have a referral to an attorney specializing in the creative arts and am in the process of getting an appointment to speak to him.


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