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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Kynyr’s War

Like all of the books in the Lycan Blood series, Kynyr’s War (book four) was a victim of the original publisher, Renebooks. I dropped entire threads that contributed to the conclusions of the last and second to last books in the series, because if they went beyond a certain length the publisher, Jean Marie Stine, would chop them up into components like she did the first three books in my Dark Brothers of the Light series.

I just finished revising and restoring over 40,000 words to Kynyr’s War. The Doherty family is now back in the books as they were originally meant to be instead of appearing (almost) out of the blue in the final two novels.

I have pitched it back to the editor and now wait on his reactions to it. There were a few places where I did not make the changes he asked for, and instead requested that he clarify what he wanted a bit more. The final version will come when I have that clarification in hand and can work on it.

And of course, he has to approve all of the added material.


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