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Little League Team: my most notorious post at HWA

I joined HWA in 2003.  I was not prepared for what greeted me.  My response to that was the following post created on 9/28/03

Needless to say it got me into a shitload of trouble.


I would like to say that after closely observing the functioning of this organization from an anthropologist’s standpoint I have decided that what I am witnessing is a little league game comprised of five tribal groupings.  I pray that you will have patience and understanding as I present to you my findings.

Tribe a) Angry Pros and their allies, the serious affiliate students of the craft

Tribe b) Coalition Forces of the Self Published Overly Glorified (including those from PA) authors and OEWs (old embittered wannabees)

Tribe C) Associates and neo-pros

Tribe  D) Occasional Voices of Reason

Tribe E)  Loose Cannons

It is a troubling and often distressing mix.  Especially, for me, Tribe B.  Supposedly this is a professional organization which, out of the goodness of its heart has expressed a serious willingness to allow the inexperienced with no professional credentials so that the pros can “pay forward”, and instead it has been turned into a sycophantic vanity press hotbed where self-styled, self-published, self-acclaimed geniuses whom no professional editor has yet paid to publish congratulate each other for buying their way into print.  And then Tribe B wonders why the others are so unaccepting of them.  Well, DUH.  Let me point out that taking something to a vanity press is a cop-out,  it’s a lame excuse for not doing the job, for not paying your dues and seeing it through, for not making that commitment to excellence and giving it all you have.  It is not a reason for congratulations.

No one ever said that making it as a writer was going to be easy.  No said that you were even going to make it.  Only that you had a shot at it.  But buying your lame ass way in is like some john walking up to a damned prostitute and asking how much for a blow job.  You want to sleep with a lady, you gotta earn it.  You lame ass jocks ought to stop fondling yourselves and start doing the damned job.  This is probably going to be taken down as soon as sys ops gets a look at it but at least some of you will see it.  And I’ll probably post it on my website and extrapolate.


2 comments on “Little League Team: my most notorious post at HWA

  1. C
    June 22, 2009

    I am pleased to say that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of HWA. Of course, that is not to say that I wouldn’t crow loudly if I ever received a Stoker award.. that’s just the kind of brat I am.
    Though I must admit some wounded feelings due to the fact that I fall into the “self published” crowd — however, I can say that I did not use a vanity press, but promptly paid way too much cash to a printer in order to get my crappy, melodramatic and printed-in-oh-so-horrible-font poetry on Yes, I have regretted it for a long time (and have stopped filling all orders for said crappy book) but must I always wear the self published badge of shame?!

  2. cussedness
    June 22, 2009

    You self published a book of poetry. And you have talent. Otherwise I and CritGit would not waste our time on you, C.

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