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Mercedes Lackey hates Mike Philbin

There is a review by Misty on amazon.  Philbin posted a link and a loud complaint about her on Shocklines (She’s a bestselling author, so of course she knows nothing she is talking about.)

I have decided that the ejaculating clock and the cum soaked subway and the people in latex suits because it is dripping all over them.  I have decided quite simply that Philbin is a male supremecist.  His attitude is interesting.  He seems to be saying:

I can ejaculate!  I can rub my cock and produce a disgusting substance to spill in your face and shove down your throat.  Suck me!  Suck the corporate dick in all the places of the world and swallow.

And, since women can’t produce that substance and coat the walls of the subway with it, they are by implication, inferior.


Thank you, Mike for being such an entertaining middle class prick.  Why don’t you take a hike and ejaculate in woods like the animal you are.


6 comments on “Mercedes Lackey hates Mike Philbin

  1. Jack C. Young
    July 29, 2009

    Or maybe he’s pissed that most women are too smart to sven think of swooning over this questionable ability. After all, dogs and cats, rabbits and squirrels–well, the males anyway–can do this too. (Along with every other reproducing sort of animal life.)
    So what’s so special about Flippout? Does it “come” in rainbow colors or stereophonic sound? Geeze…………

  2. khazar
    July 29, 2009

    He’s pissed that women aren’t as fascinated by his cock as he is. And his other boys agree–they’re fascinated with his cock, too, just like he is with theirs–although since he’s the biggest cock of all, they’re humbled in his presence. Either that or sucking him off. So when he steps away from his little circle jerk, he’s shocked–SHOCKED–to learn that women just aren’t that into him.

    He fits right in with the glorious jackoffs on this blog, Why Women Hate Men:

    (warning–monitor & drink alert!)

    Until he discovered his dick, he was probably thrilled by pee & shit, too.

  3. Jack C. Young
    July 29, 2009

    Sound like what Flippout needs is a packet of Fred’s Fudthuckers. They come in ravishing red, orgiastic orange, palpitating puce and bibbulous blue. Just the thing for fud in the sun. 😉

  4. khazar
    July 30, 2009

    Let’s face it–watching Fail jacking off is right up there with predigested dog food, giving birth to a herd of mastodons, and having to wash the N Y Yankees’ jock straps–all at once. It’s not fun, it’s not disgusting, it’s not even tragic. It’s more like finding that bag of laundry you forgot in the trunk of the car July 4th.

  5. Jack C. Young
    July 30, 2009

    I admit that. But some of the things he comes out with just begs to be mocked.
    I apologize if I got too gross. But it WAS fun!

  6. khazar
    July 30, 2009

    Don’t get me wrong! Fail richly deserves all the abuse we can heap upon him.

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