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Comment left on LJ

“I read much of the attorney’s claim and agreed with your earlier statement that the claim was without merit: I really couldn’t see much if any resemblance between the parallel-quoted passages.

But is this cause to publicly vilify this misguided young person, to decribe their writing as “a piece of shit”, to seek to obviate any chance of their having a future career, and to do all this in defense of an extraordinarily wealthy writer and in assault on an unknown? You seem to be trying to whip up a mob to defend Goliath against David.”

I’m just about over my temper tantrum.

However, no one thinks about the cost.  Every time that something like this happens to a successful writer, it dampens the joy of being successful.

If my books took off tomorrow and sold in conspicuous numbers, how long would it be before someone like Jordan Scott turned up to accuse me of infringement?  I’m not even well known and I have already been accused of it by Polymancer.

If Pacione had been taken seriously with his accusations that I had plagiarized him back in 03 and 04, what might have come of it?


2 comments on “Comment left on LJ

  1. Louise
    August 6, 2009

    It’s truly sad that with success inevitably comes some sort of drama and / or scandal, no matter how quiet you try to be. There will always be someone crawling out of the undergrowth. Humans–a strange creature indeed.

  2. Jack C. Young
    August 6, 2009

    And greed wins the day again!!!
    Jack Cade was right. The first step to freedom is “We’ll kill all the lawyers”.

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