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Stephenie Meyer sued by angsty teenager

Well, Jordan Scott isn’t a teenager now, but she was when her book excerpt was published. Trouble is, I can’t find a copy of the book by Jordan Scott anywhere. I read the pleadings/complaint from her attorney here. While I am no fan of Meyers, I’m no fan of people suing authors over bullshit.

Read the complaint, but leave your mind at the door. Otherwise you will need a gallon of mind bleach.

Some of the stuff that Jordan Scott claims is all her own can be found in my own work. Other things that Scott claims are hers alone have been with us since “Rosemary’s Baby.” Other aspects that Jordan claims are all her own are standard fare in romance novels.

Polymancer went apeshit with me over a word. Woman whose name is now forgotten went apeshit over a word in suing J. K. Rowling. White Wolf went apeshit on Sony over things that have been around for a century.

This is really getting on my tits.

Has the entire world forgotten the meaning of the word plagiarism?


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