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The Sounds of Silence: A Reflection on Nitwittery

My life turned a corner recently and I hope that it is going to continue this way.

The change is the peacefulness of the past few weeks.  There were the usual stuff, but not much really.

The nitwits were silent and have been mostly for weeks.

Philbin did not even take a slap at me when I smacked him for another crazy theory about what is happening in our country.  Nothing happened at all.

All of them are silent when it comes to me and that is a wonderful relief.

I entered my first chatroom in March of 2003.  There I encountered a troll named Christina.  A wannabe writer and drama queen who was responsible for my removing my hosting from  I have kept my chatroom at, but only use it for business meetings these days and we are preparing to move to a new one.

My encounter with Christina overlapped my first encounter with Pacione in September of 03.  My troubles with Pacione overlapped my first encounter with Mike Philbin in 04 and both of those overlapped my conflict with Dagstine.

It got so bad that during the summer of 07 I felt ready to abandon the internet and began to make my blogs friends only.  I was exhausted from it.

Now here we are at the edge of September and it appears to have finally ended.  The conflict and harassment that is.

At first it left me feeling off balance and uncertain.  I kept waiting for it to start up again and then it did not.

I have now come to the conclusion that it is all over and I can feel safe again.

Life is starting to move forward.

Remember the old childhood chant: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Well, it was wrong.

The pain and sting of words outlasts physical pain.  We eventually forget what it felt like to have broken bones.  But the other stuff?  No, we suffer for the length and breadth of our lives over words.

We gain perspective.  We eventually shrug at the source.  But we still feel the pain.

For some of us our skin grows thicker and we can take more pain from these sources, but the potential for encountering someone whose attacks are sharp enough to pierce that is always with us.  And in this time of the internet, the likelihood of running into someone with a set of words that sharp is increased.

Will I ever run into another nitwit?  Most likely I will.  There are too many of them out there.

How will I handle it when I do?  I’ve never backed down from a fight in my life.  So I guess I’ll give them hell.

But for now, the silence is golden.


4 comments on “The Sounds of Silence: A Reflection on Nitwittery

  1. C
    August 28, 2009

    I no longer dwell on last year’s bullshit like I used to, but I know it is only an arm’s length away from ripping me apart again.
    Here’s a toast to silence!

  2. cussedness
    August 28, 2009

    *clinks glasses with C*

    Here’s to silence!

  3. Tim Willard
    August 28, 2009


  4. johaha
    August 29, 2009

    Silence is golden.

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