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Scientology is still watching me.

Last year I posted about my brush with the members of Scientology, especially Simone.

I wrote an innocuous article that angered them in the 80s. They helped to ruin a part of my writing career. The article is still up at my website.

But they are still watching me.

I received an email from a member of the ‘church’ early this year and I posted it up on my wordpress blog.

A few days ago I got another notice of someone new following me on Twitter. Normally I don’t check them. Most of them are harmless. A gut instinct made me check this one. It was FASD1. It was the Scientologists. They had just let me know that they are still watching and following me.

I blocked them.

They also were responsible for my losing my account with earthlink nearly two years ago.

I think by keeping things public I am less likely at this point to get more overt harassment, but gods in haven, this is getting ridiculous.

I read the account of what happened to Paulette Cooper again today and can only think “there but for the grace of god go I.”


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