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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Lycan Blood

With “Serpent’s Quest” available once more and “Fireborn Law” and “If Truth Dies” soon to be out, I thought I might talk a little bit about the series.

Like all of my books, it’s a tapestry rather than a single hero novel. Although Kynyr Maguire is, ostensibly, the central character, it’s actually an interlocking group of characters. I was surprised by which characters seemed the most popular in the series.

His grandparents were the subject of several blog posts various places across the web. One blogger, who just happened to share the name of Kynyr’s grandfather, Todd Sinclair, stated that he wished he could have been that Todd.

A few have asked whether Cahira, Todd’s wife, was myself in clever plastic disguise. I think it was the attitude and description, “A blond wisp of a woman with the temper of a stung badger.”

No, she isn’t at all like me. At least, not the way I see myself.

Oddly a lot of the email I have received from people said that their favorite was the villain, Malthus Estrobian.


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