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Warcraft for the ignorant

I enjoy relaxing by playing warcraft. However, you have to take the bad with the good. My level 66 dk was challenged to a duel. I don’t duel. I enjoy pvp, but I just don’t duel.

And this is the exchange, typos and all that occured, and believe me it is typical

To [Goldheals] I don’t duel.

[Goldheals] whispers: y?

To [Goldheals]: because it offends my sensibilities.

[Goldheals] whispers: taht made no sense
[Goldheals] whispers: dont attempt to act intelligent

To Goldheals: Then maybe you’re too young to understand it or don’t have the background in Medieval studies to understand it.

[Goldheals] whispers: no. your jsut a doek is tryin to look smart not working

To [Goldheals]: and you’re a childish bastard

I kid you not, that is a verbatim from warcraft. And it is typical. It is clear that he’s a kid or teenager, but I have to wonder at just how he has been raised to be so ignorant and insulting.

Of course, I have had much worse encounters of this sort. This just happened now and I made screenshots.


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