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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

It pays to do your research

has often said that I need to find a way to turn off my scum bag magnet. I think it really goes beyond that.

I was informed today that I’m not a pro author. I’m a self-published wannabe.

I had been wondering why I was being closed out on a messageboard and a chat forum for the past several months. So I inquired and was informed that they do not encourage writers who are self published.

The past several years have seen more and more older pros bringing out their own reprints. People as respected as Storm Constantine bring out their own reprints. Richard Lupoff has brought out his own reprints.

With the fragile state of the once healthy back list, it is often the only way to keep older books in circulation.

I pulled my books from Renaissance Ebooks over a breech of contract, and have been re-issuing them through Daverana Enterprises.

Apparently that makes me a self published wannabe with no professional credits.

When professional credits get old do they expire?

Or should this individual just get themselves a solid course in google-fu?


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