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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

A Downturn in the Economy = Ignominity

Well, maybe not, but we’ve gone to lulu with our books.

It started with a series of set backs and the fact that so far nothing published sold enough copies to sneeze at.

Then we had the brohaha over Death in Common that ended up with us taking a $600+ loss and finally returning the rights to it to the anthology’s editor.

We will no longer do anthologies of any kind.

We need 20 books and 5 name authors to get onto Fictionwise and Fictionwise is where the real money is for the small press.

A few hours ago, I sent out emails to the contributors of Flashing Swords. We are suspending publication on the magazine indefinitely and using the website as an ezine doing only non-fiction.

Flashing Swords is now our fantasy imprint.

I am hoping that once I get those 20 books out (and we have them) and go to Fictionwise, sales will pick up and I can then start releasing books through LSI again.

Lulu has a bad rep, but there are some good authors, such as Jerrod Balzer, who use it and are satisfied with it.

Hopefully this next year will bring a turnaround in our fortunes.


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