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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Learning to laugh at yourself, among other things

“The reviewer clearly has no taste in prose, probably because they were too busy sipping lattes and sniffing their own farts to develop one, but the point still stands.” Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Although they referred to me by name on the Nickolaus Pacione entry (he wrote a story about me called The Fandom Writer), they haven’t yet done so here. But they keep adding to it.

I just have to alert them to the truth here. I don’t sip lattes. I drink Folger’s Instant and put one and a half tablespoons of instant coffee, add pumpkin spice creamer (when I can get it, it’s seasonal) and loads of Hershey’s coco, and then sugar. As to the farts, I don’t choose to sniff them. I’m stuck with them. They’re so horrendous you can smell them from the bathroom into the bedroom (seriously. I grew up on Tex-Mex and can’t live without lots of bean dishes)

All kidding aside. One of the most important things in life is to learn to laugh at yourself.

It doesn’t come easy. And I will get into that in another post.


My friends and I have checked that entry several times just because they keep up with her so well. I’ve been getting some very strange PMs at various places and one of them claimed to come from a fan of Melissa’s.

I encountered Melissa the first time on a poetry board that I owned. I did not go there often as I had set it up as a favor to a friend and then just became an absentee landlord who dropped in from time to time. The friends who ran it did not have the time to keep up with it any longer and I closed the board recently.

I have renewed the domain name. And I put a redirect to my main message board on the site.

For the past couple of months while playing Warcraft, I have been hollering “Kill the poooeeets”

I can honestly say that I am not certain if poets have cornered the market on stupid or whether other groups are equally obnoxious.

Then again, I may simply have become more cranky in my old age.


The ‘washed up has been’ bothered me for a day. Mostly because I have been slapped with that label so often since 07. But that’s another story.

On the other hand, I chuckled at the image of sipping lattes and sniffing farts. One of the more interesting aspects of farts is one I discovered as a small child. Farting in the bath tub makes bubbles.


And another note. I log IPs and I have definite proof that Melissa left that anonymous comment on the previous post.

I don’t want another nitwit war. I have had three of them in the past 10 years. That’s enough. However, I don’t back down. So hopefully, the PMs and such will eventually stop.


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