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More Melissa Madness.

A comment was posted here by interfexed that my anonymous and her sock puppet is (did anyone doubt it?) Delirum’s child (aka Melissa Gavazzi). She has been harassing interfexed on her lj and attempting to use her college degree as a battering ram (assuming you can make one out of stale jello).

It seems that Melissa’s college degree came from a scam institution called University of Phoenix. We’ve all seen the advertisements for it.

First example of fraud
Consumer Affairs take on it.
Distance-education. org

Anyone who manages to achieve such a multitude of appearances on Stupid free and SF drama as Melissa does is a walking, talking, typing disaster zone.

Her cop out education is an excellent example of it. I’m not the only one to have run-ins with her. However, her choice of college is prime subject for ridicule.

There are numerous scams and borderline bastards on the internet. Maybe if her “straight A’s” had come from a legitimate institution of higher learning in her area (such as UMASS Amherst and Mt. Holyoke et al), her degree would rate some recognition for achievement.

But to be beating interfexed over the head with a scam degree is the ultimate in stupid.

My grandmother always said that the first person to resort to name calling and bad language was ignorant and had already lost the argument. By her measuring stick, Melissa has already lost.

Getting back to the spot where it concerns interfexed we find this example on her lj where Melissa contacted her a month later concerning statements made on stupid free. She did this out of the blue, and I have to wonder how many other members of the stupid free community received such love notes also.


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