Cussedness Corner

"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Life today has become an odd creature.

One of the things that Clarke Gable adored about Carole Lombard was the fact that she cussed in a casual fashion.

Today most people, especially the young wankers, prefer cussing to making a logical argument.

Our culture has inverted itself.


On another note, I decided to talk about what is currently going on with me on the agent front. I had been trying hard not to mention it, but something happened today to make me bolder.

A friend insisted that I query Ethan Ellenberg. I did so and got a startling reply. He asked me to send him 3-4 projects to consider. I started revising and cleaning up the three projects I intended to send him and asked him another question since it was clearly taking me a bit more time than I expected. His website says he wants a 50 page sample with a synopsis.

I got an answer from him today and he told me to just send him what I had and forget agency protocol on the size of the samples.

So I have my fingers crossed.

He likes my creds. 🙂


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