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Poor Old David “Iron Dave” Byron

It seems that David Byron who ripped off several authors is now having a spot of trouble and wants authors and others to give him nearly $2k to rescue him.

Good luck with that David *snicker*

From: “david byron” *****
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2010 12:56:05 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: please i need your favor


How are you doing? I just believe you are doing great. This might just be a surprise to you but I want you to pardone me for not informing you about my traveling to Edinburg for a three days Seminar. It was something urgent and i didn’t even inform anyone about this traveling. You know what, I just got myself in serious trouble here due to my carelessness. I got my wallet misplaced on my way to the hotel I lodge in after the Seminar yesterday which was actually the last day. My money,phone, cards,diary, my return ticket and other vital documents are all in the wallet. I’m so worrried now as I have lost all contacts. I can not even make calls, i just have to use the internet to send you this email so that you could help me out with $1700 to sort myself out here and to pay for my hotel bills. But I will appreciate any amount you could afford. I will pay you back as soon as I get back home.

You can send the fund with my name and the address below via any Western union money transfer outlet around you or inside any bank. This is the fastest way for me to receive the fund here immediately. I will really appreciate your effort in helping me out.

Name : david byron
Address:*deleted to protect the guilty*

Thanks alot, looking forward to hearing from you soon


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