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Kindle and the Cuss

I finally got satisfaction from Amazon’s kindle program. On January 26th, Tim Willard uploaded Serpent’s Quest and Fireborn Law to the kindle publishing program. The next day, I went on and approved the books. By the next Monday the books were still not released and no explanation was offered to me by Amazon. Their info is that the books are supposed to be out within 48-72 hours. I tracked down a contact email addy and inquired. According to them, they sent me an email that I never received. They wanted proof that I had the rights to my own OP backlist.

More email was exchanged and on the 8th (yesterday) I was reaching the point of rage (I’m a curmudgeon, remember?). So I went to find a phone number. I ended up going in through customer service instead. There is no phone number available for their dtp-support. I kept getting emails asking “did this solve your problem?” and I started hitting the “NO” link in the email. This finally got me a more productive phone call.

The “Cuss-tomer” support person said that they could at least bump my request up to a higher level.

That made me feel great until I got an email from the exact same person I had been dealing with. This person had kept telling me that they were “researching” my facts.

Well a few minutes ago I got the news that the books would be released in kindle format within 48 hours.

Everything is go.


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