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Professional Jealousy

I just got another taste of professional jealousy. When I brought up what had happened, a friend suggested I read this post by Kathryn Rusch

My situation with Lawrence Dagstine has been going on with periodic fury since just before Strikethrough 07. He launched several alt attacks on me that left worn out for a long time. It took getting some serious monitoring software that logs IPs to discern that they were all him. You can find the details on two of my other blogs Cussedness at WordPress and a new one I just started Carcinomangel (I named the second one for the cigarettes that Spider Jerusalem smokes.)

Many tales of other people’s encounters with Dagstine can be found at Rusty Nail

So that I don’t have to go into detail, I suggest going to Rusty’s take on it


Here’s the email I got from him two nights ago using an alt. It came up with his IP.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Shocklines thread
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 17:29:37 -0700
From: John Smith

Yes Janrae, everyone is out to get you. You’re so fucking important and the center of the universe that no one has anything better to do than talk about you and your shitty little vanity press.

Stop being such a paranoid cunt for a change. The only thing bigger than your self centered behaviour is your lack of talent.




The point of this post, which the link to Rusch should have clued you into, is that this is happening across the board to professional authors.


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