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Serpent’s Quest Update

Serpent’s Quest update

Serpent’s Quest is now available in all the popular ebook formats at Smashbooks and will soon be out all across the net for a dollar download.

The next three books in the Lycan Blood series should be available through Smashbooks by Monday.

These are expanded versions with all the threads restored to them that were dropped because of length by the previous publisher, Renebooks.

Want to know what Jordan Sinclair was up to before his sudden entrance into the conflict following the death of his father?  It’s all there in the restored versions.  Want to know more about all those letters that Belgair Doherty was sending out?  Now you get to meet the people he was sending them to.


2 comments on “Serpent’s Quest Update

  1. kitsunenongrata
    February 27, 2010


  2. CritGit
    February 27, 2010

    Much improved and fully rounded.

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