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Scheduling works

What’s in the Queue?

Lycan Blood series:

Book Five, The Exile’s Return, is being edited.  This is the expanded and restored version.

Book Six, Kady’s Vengeance, has just two chapters left to polish and then it goes to the editor.

Book Seven, The Shadowed Princes, needs five chapters polished and that’s it.

Dark Brothers of the Light series

Book Nine, Blood Lies, is roughly 75% finished.  This is the second to last book in the series.  It is complete in rough draft — very rough draft — at this point, as is the final book in the series, Blood Journey (Working title).  But I need to fill in things like descriptions and flesh out a few more sections.

Once Blood Lies comes out, we will be re-issuing the first books in the series through Smashwords, which will make it available across the net in a large number of formats, including Kindle and Sony.

Last year, Smashwords signed a distribution agreement with Sony and Amazon, among others, which means you can find it on their sites in your favorite formats.


One comment on “Scheduling works

  1. CritGit
    February 28, 2010

    Almost done on book 5. No doubt sending that to you today.

    Really excited about last couple of BLUDD books as not even I, the mighty Git, have read them.

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