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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

David Boyer, plagiarist

So far we have found over 14 authors who were ripped off by David Boyer. He also ripped off a cover from Activision. The following links are to websites that have been tracking him.

The Writer and the White Cat is Rick Moore’s blog. One of Rick’s stories, Electrocuting Clowns, was not only sold over and over again by Boyer, it was recommended for a stoker and the recs were coming in fast and furious. HWA took it down. They also took down a book by Boyer that was close to reaching a nomination when it was discovered that the majority of the stories were plagiarized.

The Rusty Nail has been covering the Boyer mess for several weeks.

Another Cussedness Drive by, my snark and general purpose blog has several articles up about Boyer, including an exchange of email with him.

Writer Beware added their voice to it after a number of us contacted Victoria.

This fellow has to be stopped.


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