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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane


And boy howdy does it. I’m sick of the games being played with me and rusty. Therefore, I am publishing all of the letters I have received from the perpetrators.


On Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 6:43 PM, Lindsay Anne Kendal <88888> wrote:

Thank you for your email. It is appreciated.

This blog was pointed out to me by Tabetha, she told me my cover art was being ripped to shreds and that I had to get on there. I too apologie if it seemed I came in guns blazing. I was just so shocked and upset to see my name on there, I lost my senses and wrote without taking a step back and thinking. I have been warned that I may be tainted by association, and it seems that now I have. I haven’t revisited the blogs. I don’t want to see my name slated for creating a few covers. I also believe people have attacked my personal blog, and I don’t want to read that either. It has upset me, I won’t lie. I know people are upset with what has happened with the publishing house, but that is absolutely nothing to do with me. Tab and I were friends months before she started working with Mystic. She, Wendy and Brandy (the original owners of Mystic) were all authors at my publishers before they went to do their own thing. I know Wendy caused a lot of problems, she is a scam artist and now runs several other companies. I am friends with some of the authors she damaged and I know first hand Wendy and her husband, Robert, were scammers as they tried scamming me. Luckily, my publisher warned all her authors about their unethical business practices, as she called it. I then cut all ties. I did try to warn Tabetha and shortly after she became the sole owner. I supported her, told her if she put her mind to it then she could really do well with the company. Not long after, only a few months, things went on the decline.
She asked me to go on board creating covers for her and doing some promo timeline banners. Then people started coming to me of their own accord and I really enjoyed what I was doing. But first and foremost I am an author.
I am friends with Tabetha away from all of this, I have been for around eighteen months now. I will continue to be her friend, but I will not be getting involved with this any more. A friend is all I am, and I do graphics when needed. I am not a business partner, employee, I’m freelance. I have no dealings with anything other than the graphics and I have no intentions of changing that. I don’t want any deeper involvement. I am friends will all the authors, past and present and they all know they can speak with me in confidence. I’ve met some amazing people through Tabetha and the companies and I would like to keep them as friends. I take great pleasure in speaking with them. I know a lot more than I’m telling from both sides, but I will never betray anyone by giving out that information. I’m known for being open, honest but also trustworthy and I don’t ever want that to change.
You may quote anything you like from my blog, not that you need it, but you have my full permission to take what you like. Like I said earlier, I won’t be visiting the blogs again.
If you would like to pass this on to Cussed (if that’s correct) then please feel free. It would be nice for her to know that I’m not a loud mouth bitch, like I may have initially come across as being. Please also excuse any typos, I’m currently trying to write this on my phone in the back seat of a car.
I do appreciate your email, and thanks again.


——– Original Message ——–

Subject: info about mystic
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 16:00:50 -0800 (PST)
From: Wendy Hayes-Hunyor <*****>
Reply-To: Wendy Hayes-Hunyor <*****>
To: <>
My Dearest Cussedness,
This can be on the record or off, either way it needs to be out there. I am the former owner of Mystic Press and have been following its recent closure. I was contacted several weeks ago by several attorneys representing the authors that once were signed with Mystic when I owned it and Tabetha Jones merely worked for me. She was so naive that I have to say how proud I am that I actually got her to feel important and do work for free. She is a hell of a worker and puts a lot of time and effort in that really I just didn’t want to do. I don’t care if this makes me look bad or what people think of me but I guess you could say my conscious  is getting the better part of me. 
I was signed with World Castle Publishing with my manuscript the same time Tabetha and her former co writer were signed. Her co writer eventually became my co owner even though she was lazy as a damn cow, no wonder Tabetha dropped her from the series. I admit I should have listened to Tabetha when she warned me about her but the trouble I am now in is my fault and can’t blame anyone else. We both ended our contracts around the same time and I decided to open Mystic Press up. Tabetha worked for me doing client services. She made sure deadlines were met, clients were up to date on all information, and an occasional book trailer or two. She was going to school and I recommended she take some English Comp classes so she could start editing for me. She was eager so right on the spot she did it. 
Now, I admit the co owner and I went behind her back and opened up several new business’ because trouble was coming. We took money we shouldn’t have. All I can say is that Tabetha didn’t know half of what was really going on. When I told her I was closing down she asked to take over, and thinking it would get me out of the mess I had created for myself I signed it over. But unfortunately that was not the case. At the end of October all that came to bite me in the ass and with documentation filed on Tabetha’s part she proved she was free and clear of anything that had happened. I may be facing jail time but at least finally you dumb asses with have the story you always wanted.
Tabetha took over and as I heard through the grapevine it wasn’t months later that previous authors were already beating down her door for money that had been handed over when i owned the company. Now I am not saying I took it (I’m not going to admit all my dirty details) but Tabetha really had no idea what she was getting herself into. 
By no means am I coming to her rescue, or defending her but you people really know how to get things twisted. Now as for as her having alter names. Sorry wrong on that again. I have met both Skylynn and Rai. They did some blogging for us and actually came to my house several times. I didn’t really care for either really. Skylynn was self involved and Rai was a whiny bitch with this poor pitiful me attitude. But Tabetha was friends with them and they did good work. Did I pay them, well that’s my secret too. Did i pay Tabetha, my secret as well. Did i take authors money and not render services, again my secret. 
I wont give away all the information, I’m not stupid. So I set her up. I sent authors her way just to watch her fail. Some published their work, some didn’t want that long. That got what they wanted out of her and in return dropped their suits against me. The deals you can strike with people who are desperate to get published. I will say this for Tabetha Jones, she did way more for her authors than I ever would have. I wouldn’t have paid for their editing. I wouldn’t have paid for all that expensive swag. And I certainly wouldn’t have gone broke making sure my authors had everything they wanted. 
Now I did read somewhere she used her aid money to run the company. She didn’t have any aid money left. She happens to go to one of the most expensive online schools there is. I also read that people have tried contacting me to get my story. Another lie. No one has contacted me. In fact I believe they quoted me as never have to known a Tabetha Jones. This is the first and only time i have done anything and I just figured I’d help out with the hate campaign against Tabetha. 
Poor stupid naive girl, I am sure if she knew what she was signing on to when I gave her the company she would have ran the other way. And I am grateful she didn’t because when it crashed and burned it went all on her. 
As much as I hate to admit it, Tabetha hasn’t scammed anyone, she was just set up. I am a bitch like that. My book wasn’t selling and hers was doing far better than mine, and I wanted to do something to trash her name. It’s a dog eat dog world. And Tabetha is trusting enough to be used like that. Infact one author that scammed her happens to be a very good friend of mine. I hated that it came down to this but hey I wasn’t going to be out done by someone like her. Never done anything wrong. always trusting, big smile, big sweeteheart. I hate bitches  like that. 
I must say thought she did one thing I didn’t even think she would do. She opened up Phoenix Fire and I must say she is doing a better job than i thought. I checked out her authors, all well written, all standing behind her and working together as a team. Something I never had when I owned Mystic. Which really just pisses me off. 
Also I do want to clear one bit of info up. In the State of Texas and county she lives in you do not have to register for an at home business unless you make over a certain amount. I do medical transcripts and a few other things, yes i am still in the publishing world, but under a different name and company. That info you won’t get out of me. I won’t out myself all the way. So this Lepplady I keep seeing everywhere, I checked out your daughters fanfic page where some of her work is posted and I will agree with Tabetha’s editors and betas, her work plan sucks. Doesnt need a rewrite, it needs to be burned trashed and forgotten about. 
So what I am a bitch that took Tabetha, left her with the blame and got away with shit. I was just smarter than her. Did she steal money? No. Did she scam people? No. Does createspace give out refunds for services? No. Does Lightning Source? No. Is she responsible to give back money after editing and marketing services have been done? No. I have seen her books through Mystic. Every upcoming author she had listed in the back of the book. Do you know how much time and money that takes to remove a book and remove that author and reupload the work? 
This Lily Crussell, seen you around, heard the sob stories, and that mysterious virus, you really think Tabetha is smart enough to pull something like that off. Why don’t you look at other people that have it out for you. I had several friends that picked up the same virus, it was a random thing but no you jumped quickly at her. And you didn’t complain when you got scammed by that one company that was putting you in print. You didn’t pay back all those donations people made for you. I had a very dear friend that contributed to that for you and I din’t see you offering up any money. Maybe you got what you deserved. 
Again I am not her to defend Tabetha or applaud her. But she’s not a liar either unfortunately. IF she was I would have pinned everything I did and intend to do on her. This Phoenix Fire I think it has potential and it really leaves a nasty taste in my mouth to think she might just do it this time. Lindsay, what can I say about Lindsay. Her art has improved but her mouth still needs a leash. These other authors that was with Mystic that transferred over after I left, well I applaud them. Thank you for a job well done. I wanted to see that good toe shoes bitch burn. I always hated that she did everything RIGHT, she always went by the BOOK, and never did anything WRONG. I was trying to make money and she got in the way. Her and her too good ways, and ‘we have to look out for the authors best interest’ bullshit. 
I don’t care what people think of me. I will make my money. I will get where I want to go and I don’t give a damn on who I have to step on to get there. Did I mention it pisses me off that Zoey Sweete books are doing so well and mine is like shit. Fucking cunt bitch. Jealous, yes, I am jealous. She has overcome everything I threw at her and still going. But you guys, I want to thank you guys. You did a bang up job of making her look like a sorry ass and I loved it. All these blogs that are trashing her, thank you all from the bottom of my black heart. 
Now as I said you can post this, print it and light it on fire, so whatever you like. I just wanted to finally to let someone know that Tabetha Jones really isn’t the bad person in all this, I set her up and damn proud. She knows it too. We just went to court over this right before she shut the doors to Mystic. Well, I was in court her attorney, little dick weed of a man, had what he needed to put me against the wall. 
So what else do I have to lose. So why not help you folks out and give you piece of knowledge. If you ever go to fuck someone over make sure they dont keep their paperwork. make sure they aren’t Tabetha Jones. 
What will I do now? I will continue to publish and own companies. I’ll change my name again, and open a new company and no one will ever know of Mystic or my dealings because the new name, new person will never have done those things.
So what if I’m an evil bitch. So what if I let it go too far. So what….cry me a river and shred a tear for the bitch that went down with the ship. 
As for the co-owner of Mystic when I owned it and co-owner now of my other companies, I am afraid she will be a bit upset about this but i don’t think she’s been following all of it. She got over it a bit easier than I did. I just didn’t want to be outdone, especially by Tabetha Jones. Oh, and the slut comment, classic, I know that pissed her off. She might be a tattooed exparty girl but slut, not her thing. Too bad cause then you and I could have a field day with that one.
Cussedness, let me know if you ever wanna bash her trash her or just talk shit, cause I hate her. I hate she out smarted me. I hate she had the facts and everyone found out that I was indeed the bad guy. But who says i cant have fun now. The court proceedings are over so i can say what I like. You wanted the story for your ‘timeline’ here you go. 
You either feel like a dumbass as I did when I found out Tabetha had been smart about her ways, or don’t care at all. I just thought I would ruin someone else’s thoughts of her. I couldn’t make her look bad, so why should anyone else get the chance. The stories she posted on those other blogs telling ‘her’ story. Well I got to hand it to her, I guess there’s not a lying bone in her fucking body. What’s a white lie going to hurt? I did it to my authors. I promised them the world, even her, did they get it no. 
Will I always hate her? Yes. Will always do what i can to ruin her life? Yes I will. Will I go after Phoenix? No, because if I do, I might be sitting behind steel bars. I can’t touch Phoenix, but you guys are doing that for me. Even though I have yet to see her do anything wrong but yes, you are tearing her world apart for me. Kiddos to you for that. 
If there is anything else I might be able to help you with just let me know. I love doing what I can to humiliate Tabetha Jones. Bitch outsmarted me, outsold me, and I just don’t let go very well. Yeah, I fucked up. I took Mystic and ran it into the ground and then pushed it all off on her. It wasn’t right but I wasn’t going to go down for it. I even let her take that dumb ass submissions manager with her. Ha! She thought I was doing her a favor. And Lepplady most staff that works for you has access to all company emails and company blogs. Personal accounts no.  
Think of me what you will, I have thicker skin than Tabby Cat, I wont scream and cry to defend myself. I fucked people over, I was good at it. End of story. Tabetha on the other hand, the reason she defends herself so is because well, even as much as I hate to admit it, shes telling the truth. Damn that tasted bad coming out of my mouth. But if anyone is going to take her down it will be me, just havent thought of a way to do it yet. I wont touch Phoenix, nope, I will go after her as Zoey Sweete. I’ll ruin her rep through her books this time since the company thing kind of blew up in my face last time. So off I go to plan my next scheme. Any ideas…although starting with her author pic looks like a slut is a great one. I think I will go with that first.
I will wrap this up feel free to, like i said you cant say anything to me that hasnt already been said. I am a bitch, I am greedy, I am very good at what I do. Ask Tabetha I am sure she will tell you.
Former Owner of Mystic Press
Wendy Hunyor
P.S. Please do NOT disclose my email address. That is to remain private.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Query
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 05:26:13 +0000
From: Laura Wilson <*****>
Dear Ms Frank

I have been given your email address and believe you are the site owner of one of the blogs my mother, Mrs Martha Wilson, has recently been commenting on. If this is not the case, please disregard this email and all its contents.
I am one of Mrs Wilson’s daughters, I am writing to ask you to please block or do whatever is necessary to prevent my mother from commenting on your blog in future. I have asked for the site owner of the blog which goes by the name of The Rusty Nail to please contact me with regards to this issue.
I need offer no explanation for my request, however I shall give you one in brief.
We fear my mother is about to become an very unwell woman. The concerns I have had for the last couple of months have only been intensified while reading the posts on both yours and the other blog site. An example of this, my mother was a nurse and wonderful one at that, she states on your blog she left her employment only 6 months ago. This is not the case. My mother actually left work almost three years ago. If I attempt to tell her this, she thinks I’m losing my mind. She has started repeating herself constantly, become obsessive over the most nonsensical and unimportant things. Such as the topic on your blog. At other times, she struggles to remember my name. Some days she is perfectly fine, other times, very confused or neurotic.
We have visited several doctors and she will be under going a series of tests and examinations in a couple of weeks time. My fear is this may be the start of a form of Alzheimer’s.
She is currently visiting family in the south of England, none of whom are aware of what has been going on. One of my brothers has travelled with her and intends on informing them. At the precise moment in time, only he and I are aware of the happenings and we hoped to keep it that way until the festive season had passed.
Do not bother trying to search for my identity on Facebook, I know people on your site seem keen to do this. I’m a police office, we are not allowed to join social networks. If you wish to speak, I can provide you with a telephone number or of course you can email any time.
I ask that the last few post’s made on The Rusty Nail blog site be deleted. I do not want Lindsay to know I have been on there should she decide at any point to read the posts. I will be visiting Lindsay in the course of the next week to portray the unhappy news. I would however like to allow her to enjoy the New Year celebrations before breaking her heart.
I appreciate any help you may be able to provide. I’m afraid I will not be able to reply for a while, as my shift starts in an hours time. I will however check for any responses you or the other site owner may have sent.
I look forward to hearing from you and hope you can assist me in this matter. May I also take the time to apologise on my mothers behalf for all the messages posted. The thoughts of her being on a blog like this makes me rather unhappy. Especially when she has been spoken too in such a crude and unfriendly manner. Your latest comment in regards to my post speaks volumes of your character.
I do not expect this to be made public, this is sent to you in confidence and should be treated as so. These details are personal.

25 comments on “THE SHIT HITS THE FAN

  1. Lepplady
    December 28, 2012

    Is there a linguistics expert in the house?

  2. Lindsay Anne Kendal
    December 28, 2012

    I have just had this brought to my attention. This is the first time I have been back to this blog since I last spoke over email with Cussedness.

    I have one thing to say, and I won’t be replying. While I do have an aunt, Martha, she DOES NOT have a daughter named Laura. She DOES have a daughter who is house sitting, her and some friends are staying. So I will find out which sick bastard has sent this email and they WILL be dealt with by my hands. That is a promise. I feel sick after reading that and my aunt is in full health and DID only leave her job 6 months ago. I can’t comment on the other emails. Do people people really think they can’t get away with things like this? Did they really think I wouldn’t find out???? That whole email is a LIE and fucking sick.

  3. Lily Crussell
    December 28, 2012

    WHAT THE FUCK! The donations from Pubslush were never taken as I didn’t reach my target so that is BULLSHIT! I didn’t say the virus happened to me, I said someone informed me that it was happening!
    She took my money and provided NO services, so how is that NOT theft!

  4. cussedness
    December 28, 2012

    I just got this one from Wendy:
    On one blog I believe Emily Suess she said she had tried to find me. No one did or at least they did not contact me. I have watched Tabetha and Mystic since signing it over in Feb of this year. Sorry if you don’t like the way I talk but fuck you. I speak how I choose too. I keep up with all of them. One blog links to another then to another. Yours was the last one I found. Now I was doing you a favor. I was doing everyone a favor, trying to rid the world of Tabetha Jones. That didn’t happen so I’ll go after Zoey Sweete. Either way I’ll win. You can do what you like with my story I don’t personally give a shit. My life has been hell since that goody two shoes bitch ruined my publishing and writing career. I was looking for someone to help me smear some more mud. But like I said I’ll get a new name new company and do it again. My husband will do as he is told cause he hates the bitch too. She has cost us our life our money because she did everything by the book. Fucking bitch. Again as looking for me the woman stated that the Wendy she found knew of tabetha said no. It wasn’t me. No one has contacted me this Wendy. Do you know how many Wendy Hayes and Wendy Hunyors there are. Come on. If someone does happen to contact the real me on a social site I will let you know. But I don’t have to pull off impersonations and alt personas. I know who I am bitch. Do you know who you are? Again I was doing you a favor, running that ‘slut’ as you called her into the ground with you. I was hoping to get at least a thank you. Damn show some sort of thank you. I thought you would find it funny I had authors set her up take her for a go and fuck her world up. You seemed to be all for trashing her and I wanted to join in. I thought that was the purpose of the smear campaign of Tabetha Jones and her companies. Forgive me if I was wrong. So what do you want to know since I seemed to give the wrong information to you the first time. What dirty details I can I give you? Ask and you shall receive even though you pissed me off a bit, I will still help you out.


  5. Tarantia
    December 28, 2012

    Nitwit quote: “I am a police office.” -Laura Wilson

  6. cussedness
    December 28, 2012

    Does that mean she has a horde of police men occupying her lady parts?

    If she were a police officer, she has no jurisdiction in the US. I’ve been threatened by the best, including one sorry fellow who wanted to have me extradited to Britain to stand trial for defamation of character over a book review I wrote.

    Congress passed legislation several years ago to protect American journalists and bloggers from lawsuits filed in the UK. I thumb my nose at Laura.

  7. Tarantia
    December 28, 2012

    Also, I’m going to go ahead and call that “Wendy” is actually Tabby. Any one want want to give me the odds on that one?

  8. cussedness
    December 28, 2012

    I’m certain that Wendy is Tabby. She’s trying to blow smoke up my ass, but my ass is made of steel and ignores the smoke. However, it does tend to set off my smoke detectors.

  9. mikebrendan
    December 28, 2012

    That is a big-ass bucket of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, with a blend of eleven types of dumb and crazy.

  10. cussedness
    December 28, 2012

    She needs to be beat up side the head with the “chair leg of truth.” Spider Jerusalem certainly knows how to handle people like this.

  11. Tarantia
    December 28, 2012

    Translation of “Wendy’s” Letters: “I am Wendy and I , Wendy, would like to admit in a document that can hold up in court to doing many illegal things and I -who am Wendy- would also like to swear that I’m going to do more illegal things in the future. But I’m really writing to bash Tabby, and I’m going to bash her by saying how jealous I -WENDY- am of her. I am further going to bash her by saying how much of a better writer and businesswoman she is than I (WENDY, get it right). Damn, see what I a bitch Wendy.. I mean, I am? I’m bashing the crap out of Tabby. By the way, I’m Wendy and I’m bashing Tabby.”

    This woman is a writer in the same way that putting a paper cone on my forehead makes me a unicorn.

  12. Rusty
    December 28, 2012

    It seems that “Martha” left “Laura” in charge of monitoring her email, in addition to “housesitting,” because Laura used Martha’s Rocketmail account to comment on TRN. The lulz just keep coming.

  13. Lindsay Anne Kendal
    December 28, 2012

    I’m sorry, I did say I wouldn’t comment but I would like this made public. I found out a few hours ago who had emailed you regarding my aunt. This person has been dealt with. You shouldn’t receive any further bullshit emails regarding myself or my family. This has caused murder this morning but quite rightly so. I have also removed the modem from my aunts computer, it is sitting beside me as I write this and it will not be passed back until she returns from holiday. You will not be visited by any one from the internet again. That includes my aunt. This is all just too much.

    If you want to know the reasoning the culprit gave it was simply this ‘I was bored, it was fun’.

    Let me say again, I do NOT have anyone named Laura in my family. My aunt didn’t remove her details and when the one responsible for the email came online her details were already there for this cow to use.

    If anymore emails come through to you with any mention of my name, please will you post them so I can investigate them myself? This is going too far and has pushed me too far. I am sorry they thought emailing you was so much ‘fun’.

  14. cussedness
    December 28, 2012


  15. Rusty
    December 28, 2012

    You will not be visited by any one from the internet again.

    ROFL. That’s a Nitwit quote if ever I have seen one.

  16. Poke-Daughter
    December 28, 2012

    “I’m certain that Wendy is Tabby. She’s trying to blow smoke up my ass, but my ass is made of steel and ignores the smoke. However, it does tend to set off my smoke detectors.” I think smoke would count as poison type which steel is immune to. However, if it counts as fire, then steel would be weak to that. Seeing as it has no effect I am going with poison type as there are several smog/smoke based moves that belong to the poison type in pokemon.

  17. Lindsay Anne Kendal
    December 28, 2012

    Yes Rusty making a mistake in this case missing a word out instantly makes you a nitwit. I meant from my aunts internet. Sorry you had problems working that one out.

    Thank you for posting anymore emails. These people need to be dealt with.

  18. Lily Crussell
    December 28, 2012

    I didn’t understand a damn word of that email supposedly from Wendy. The grammar, spelling and punctuation were a mess! What the hell!

  19. Lepplady
    December 28, 2012

    I wouldn’t rule out that Wendy is a real person out there somewhere. But if she wrote that letter, I’ll eat my hat, with my head still in it. Read the “about” section on Wendy’s FB page and it’s obvious from the second word that whoever wrote that did not write this.

  20. Nevaeh Walker
    December 28, 2012

    Okay, I for one, do NOT believe that is truly Wendy. For so many reasons. But lets start with “Skylnn and Rai”…they are NOT real people, this has been admitted by Tabetha to SEVERAL people, she has said they are made up alts, with pics she found on Google, and her “new author” of Anna Lovelace, is the same picture as Rai…and the writing in Anna’s book, is HORRID! I actually RETURNED the book to Amazon, it was that bad. I’ve never done that before. IF, and I do mean IF, it truly is Wendy, why would she admit to doing all this stuff? I believe its another one of Tabetha’s tries to make Wendy look bad. Why else would she want the email address hidden? So that when the real Wendy sees this, no one will know the actual email it came from. Not a single thing in that email makes any sense. Which SCREAMS Tabetha.

  21. Anonymous
    December 28, 2012

    There are repetitive words, phrases and sentence structures a person uses when they write. Sometimes it is called a style. If you’re a good reader, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I would compare it to a fingerprint because they are unique to an individual. I would have to make a guess that the person who wrote the letter from “Wendy” is either strikingly similar to Tabetha Jones, or they are one and the same.

  22. cussedness
    December 28, 2012

    At this point, I am convinced that “Wendy” is Tabetha Jones. I would never trust someone who came onto me like that. It’s an insult to me to call my crusade a “smear campaign.”

  23. Lepplady
    December 28, 2012

    Conspiracy, lynch mob, Witch hunt…
    Well, that witch is lynched by her own actions. Everybody else is just shining a light on it.

  24. January Rowe
    December 29, 2012

    To Quote Lindsay: “I am not a business partner, employee, I’m freelance. I have no dealings with anything other than the graphics and I have no intentions of changing that.”

    Really, Lindsay? Your glowing five star reviews of Zoey Sweete’s books (Tabetha’s pen name) on amazon don’t count? In my world they call that the “family and friends” sock puppet plan.

  25. Lepplady
    December 31, 2012

    And the low-star reviews of everybody else’s books, to drive the ratings down. Classic case of trying to make others look worse so she can look better. But, try as she might, no amount of negative reviews on other people’s pages will make that third class smut she writes any better than the crap you can read on any truck stop bathroom wall.

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