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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane



The sa’necari are a race of human necromancers who possess all the powers and appetites of vampires. They have one of the strongest sex drives and sexual stamina of any race on the planet.  Part of this derives from the hormonal aspects of their magic, which is based upon and strengthened by rites of rape and death called mortgiefan.  They are sexually obsessive.  They frequently have sex with the nibari while feeding upon them.  These liaisons are considered so unimportant that they are not counted as adultery in sa’necari marriages.

Among the higher castes of the sa’necari males mistresses are considered de rigueur. The richer and more powerful the sa’necari lord, the more mistresses he must have.  Many of them are also required to be of non-sa’necari races.  Although the sex drive of the sa’necari females is equal to that of the males, the lowered place of females among the sa’necari requires that they act on their external liaisons with great discretion.


In the beginning, the majority of the sa’necari were made through the rites of mortgiefan.  After several generations their genetic structure became altered by the repetition of the rites and their children began to be born with a recessive sa’necari gene.  Once the gene appeared, the sa’necari began to inbreed intensively to fix it.  Although more and more sa’necari continue to be made in the rites as people from various races convert to the worship of Bellocar, those who are born sa’necari are considered to be of higher caste and the more generations the greater their status.

When sa’necari breed with non-sa’necari, there is a 25% chance of the child being born with the recessive gene.  When they breed with nibari, the chances are better, but still not great.  With another sa’necari, it is usually a 95% chance of the child being born with the gene.

The gene is detectable at birth.  They usually kill the 5% born non-sa’necari by abandoning them in the forest as infants.  They don’t normally eat these when both parents are sa’necari.  But there are always exceptions.

However, as with any society, there are some exceptions.  Some of the families in the highest castes actually raise the child to a certain age and then sacrifice them to Bellocar.  it isn’t common and those families usually have a connection with the priesthood.


The causes of sa’necari infertility is hotly debated in many corners.  Some time between the age of twenty and thirty both male and female become completely sterile.  As a result early breeding is encouraged and most sa’necari are married by the age of 13.  The truth of it is this: the rites cause it.  Since they are born with the powers and appetites of the undead, they are also born with both an undead and a living side.  The more they participate in the rites, the more dominant the undead side becomes.  This makes them nearly unkillable by normal means when they become steeped in death.  Each repetition of the rites diminishes their fertility.

Since power can only be built through the rites and they pay a heavy price in terms of fertility, some of them have created legacies of rites by having the eldest child rite their parents when the time of their deaths draw near.  This counts against their fertility as only a single rite, yet they can gain generations of accumulated rites.  Some very powerful legacies have been created in this way.


The sa’necari-born Dark Brothers of the Light, both male and female, by not ever having committed the rites, are as fertile as normal humans.  They frequently produce large families, unless they choose otherwise.


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