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The Prophecies of St. Tarmus of Lorendon

The origin of this in my novels is mostly attributed to Nostradamus by my readers, however it would be closer to blame it on the bible.

I noticed very young how many versions of the bible there were. Curiosity led me to read the history of bible translation and how some words in the original language cannot be translated today. We’ve basically lost the meaning of the original word and have only a translation of a translation in some cases.

The copy of the Prophecies of St. Tarmus of Lorendon quoted in my novels  is a flawed translation of a translation four times removed from the original language. I leave it up to the readers to decide what is and isn’t correct and what might or might not be missing.  The clues are all there in the course of the books, but you have to hunt for them. Other than the god holding the last copy of the original, the only one who knows for certain what the prophecies actually say is a little boy with a magical book, which is actually a trans-dimensional pocket sized super computer.

Alistar Weems, he of the evil eye from my first lycan entry,  lost his copy of the Prophecies of St. Tarmus of Lorendon years before the rebellion started. It was found and traded to a taverner to cover a debt. It then was sold by the taverner to a book collector who happened to be a buyer of oddities for Lord Hoon. Hoon knew about the book through rumors, but had never before had a copy of it. Reading the book set off a persistent paranoia that led Hoon to arrange the kidnapping of Princess Bridget Silverpaw, the betrothed of Prince Tarrant Redhand. This led to the Lycan Rebellion, a tragic event that echoes through all of my lycan novels.

Hoon has gone lycan king hunting again, having decided that Kynyr must be the king of prophecy. I know who it is, but I’m not telling.

Should I give you some hints? Nah, the clues are all there. I did tell one person, but he promised not to tell.


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