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The Immorality of the Immoral

I want to open this discussion with a link to the Writer Beware post about Tony G. (Anthony Giangregorio).

Writer Beware

As you can see there,  Tony G. had this to say to Mandy DeGeit.

“on the contract, it clearly says publisher has the right to EDIT work. you signed it. are you saying you are a dishonest and immoral person and will now try to deny you signed the contract? well i have a copy right here
and as for the story. the editor had a hard time with it, it was very rough and he did alot to make it readable. despite what you think, your writing has a long way to go before its worthy of being printed professionally.
we did what we had to do to make the story printable. you should be thankful, not complaining. ah, the ungrateful writer, gotta love it”

Somehow he wants to construe that complaining about having your work altered without your knowledge or consent is immoral. The publisher never owns the copyright to an author’s work. The author owns the copyright. The author licenses the publisher to publish the book in exchange for royalties.

Here is Mandy’s own account of it.

Editing is not and never will be wholesale alterations. Those need to be made by the author themselves. Ideally, a good publisher uses track changes and the author accepts or rejects the changes. Back in 1981, I got my author copy of a TSR anthology, Dragontales, which included my story In The Darkness, Hunting.  Kim Mohan had added paragraphs to my story (I took them out for the version published by Wildside) without informing me. I hit the ceiling and refused to continue selling to him.

Here is Tim Leider’s account of his face to face with Tony G.

Mandy’s troubles date to a year ago. Tim’s is from 2011. Do you see a pattern here?

Johnathan Maberry had a similar account of his interactions with Tony G.  This blog is a good resource for Tony G’s misdeeds. I would love to see the blogger update it with all the news that is coming out about the more recent misadventures of this arse for brains.

Richard Salter has similar things to say about Tony G.

This situation has been going on for years now, yet all that Tony G. does is open another publishing house.  So far we have Open Casket Press, Living Dead press, and Undead Press. Just enough changes to try and hoodwink the unsuspecting  into ‘selling’ a book to him.

People like Tony G. bank on relatives and friends of the authors buying the overpriced books. This is the Publish America tactics. Then he attempts to intimidate any author who complains. He is especially nasty with women, thinking them to be more easily frightened by him. WRONG, BOZO! WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF YOU.

Now we come to the particulars that involve me personally. A longtime friend of mine sold Tony G. a book in a moment of desperation and self doubt. Tony tossed the book together like throwing mud at a wall. The first several pages of the book were just advertising for his poorly edited anthologies. The book was filled with typos and additions that the author did not make. When the author, Paul Johnson-Jovanivic complained, Tony told him that he would have to pay him to make the corrections. These were not corrections of errors that Paul had made, but that Tony had made.

Back in the days when we went through the process of galleys and then page proofs, it became expensive to correct things. Everything was supposed to be found in the galleys. Any errors made by the publisher were fixed at the publisher’s expense. Mistakes made by the author were corrected at the author’s expense. Part of the reason for this was to reduce instances of the author deciding to make wholesale alterations of the book at a late date. Nowadays, with PoD and ebooks, there exists no reason to charge an author for anything. It’s easy to do and easy to upload another interior with no charge.

I will be next posting Paul’s account of what happened.

PS: Tabetha, your account of your company on Jennifer’s blog sounds trite and ridiculous. Your word choices are like a bubbling adolescent. Learn to write. A professional never says “legit,” they say “legitimate.”

8 comments on “The Immorality of the Immoral

  1. Lepplady
    May 21, 2013

    Yep. Looks legit.

    I hope Tony’s editors write better than he does. Like Tabbyscat, he looks like another publisher that authors should avoid if only for the the sake of their semi-literacy. Who wants a publisher that can’t string a sentence together with both hands and a thesaurus?

    I read that tripe on Jennifer’s blog, a large chunk of which is dedicated to throwing one of her former artists under the bus. Seems that artist didn’t get paid and got blamed for Tabby’s image theft. That’s how Tabs does things, commits crimes and looks for a scapegoat to blame them on. I feel sorry for anybody she’s got working for her now. They’ll be the next crop of scapegoats, after she can’t blame her crimes on her ex anymore.
    Mark my words.

  2. tabetha jones
    May 21, 2013

    First I would like say that what concerns my past relationship with my ex is private. No where has he been blamed for anything.

    Secondly Phoenix is still a young company and doing well. We at least 10-12 more releases this year and several new authors.

    You can say what you like but none of your nonsense will get me down.

    Everyone here has plenty of other things to do than one worry about my love life and two worry about my company or myself.

    I appreciate you all dedicating so much time and effort involving me. I had no idea how fascinating i was.

    But i dont your approval or anyone elses. The choices i make in my personal life are my own.

    As for Phoenix things are wonderful and we will continue to publish with or without your approval.

    But again thanks for making me the center of your world. Cause love me or hate you are still thinking about me.

  3. cussedness
    May 21, 2013

    you are fascinating, Tabbyscat, but only in the way that a train wreck is.

  4. Tarantia
    May 21, 2013

    I couldn’t quite understand Tab’s comment given the words she left out. Perhaps I should use Google Translate?

  5. cussedness
    May 21, 2013

    Google speaks Tabbyscat?

  6. Magical Girl Jessica Alba Striessand
    May 21, 2013

    critical failure, natural 1. tabbycat is at -1 hit points. will she survive?

  7. Lepplady
    May 21, 2013

    Tabbyscat’s pat answers:
    1) “This is old. Get over it.”
    2) “My company is thriving!”
    3) “Thanks for obsessing over me, you losers.”
    4) “Thanks for all the free publicity.”
    5) “I’m going to sic my lawyer on you!”

    I wonder which one she’ll throw out next?

    Not one of those is lacking delusion, yet she continues to roll ’em out. Poor sad, sick Tabbyscat. Maybe someday she’ll take the right pills and rejoin the world of sane people.

  8. Lindsay Kendal
    May 23, 2013

    * someday she’ll take the right pills and rejoin the world of sane people.*

    Lepp that will never happen because she is never wrong or to blame. She’s like Mary friggin’ Poppins – Practically Perfect in Every Way!


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