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Chimquar the Lionhawk


My first “sale” was a giveaway to Jessica Amanda Salmonson. It was The Ruined Tower. I wrote it during the years that I was angry at having Christianity shoved down my throat along with hellfire and brimstone.  That was 1978.

When I sold my collection, In The Darkness, Hunting. to Wildside, i realized that my anger was gone and that anti-christian section was now embarrassing to me. So I revised it for the collection.

Soon after The Ruined Tower came out, Jessica asked for another story. So I wrote The Wolves of Nakesht.  I did  not think anything would come of it  and was startled when I got a check in the mail and the announcement that it was going to be in a DAW anthology, Amazons!.

Two Chimquar stories appeared in Pandora (Lois Wickstrom)  and one appeared in Dragontales, edited by Kim Mohan.

Chimquar was my reaction to all the Robert E. Howard I read as well as my response to the feminist community of the time, who were trashing all the women who refused to agree with them and chasing them out of the feminist community. Although Chimquar was well received in the general community, the feminists of the time hated her and near universally wrote bad reviews on the basis of politics.

The world has changed and Chimquar is far more appreciated than she was when I first wrote about the character.


One comment on “Chimquar the Lionhawk

  1. uppitymonkey
    August 4, 2013

    Loved In the Darkness, Hunting. Will dig out my copy and show it off. 😉

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