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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Tracking the Werewolf

Kindle-Cover-SQ loyalty_of_wolves

My lycans are actually wolfweres, not werewolves.  On Daverana the werewolves are beasts that have no self restraint.  The lycans hunt them down and destroy them.

My lycans first appeared in 2004 in the pages of Sins of the Mothers, the middle book of the Journey of the Sacred King quadrology.  Claw, Kynyr, Nevin and Olin are in that book. Nevin and Olin continue to the end of the series and then move on into the Dark Brothers of the Light series, which I have been working on since 2002.  But DBotL needs to be saved for another  post.

I gave full reign to my lycans when Renebooks brought out the first of them in ’06. Lycan Blood ran for 8 books.  The new trilogy, Lycan Pride, is centered around the three Doherty cousins, Spencer, Winston, and Exeter.  Readers will remember them from the earlier series where they were supporting characters.  The books in the series are Loyalty of Wolves (available from kindle and smashwords), Justice of Wolves (coming in September) and Treachery of Wolves (coming Spring 1014).

The lycan clans were conquered by the Waejontori and remained a client state for centuries.  They were  freed thirty years ago  by the Sharani invasion of Waejontor. Now the Waejontori, under the reign of Tomyrilen the Bastard, are trying to re-take the lycan clans and kingdoms.


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