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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

The troubles with mixed genre

I am finding I have a lot of trouble promoting my books because they are mixed genre. The categories are almost set in iron. I often use Dark Fantasy I like … Continue reading

December 12, 2013 · 3 Comments

Out with the New, In with the old

I have been puzzling over this for months. My old lycan series, Lycan Blood, is selling very well; yet my new lycan series (Lycan Pride) is not? I have several … Continue reading

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Tracking the Werewolf

My lycans are actually wolfweres, not werewolves.  On Daverana the werewolves are beasts that have no self restraint.  The lycans hunt them down and destroy them. My lycans first appeared … Continue reading

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The Shadowed Princes, the final book in the Lycan Blood series has been successfully up loaded to kindle and smashwords. It should be out by Friday. My company, Daverana Enterprises, … Continue reading

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Lycan marriage customs and more

The newest installment in Sins of Innocence is up at blogspot So as not to overwhelm the blog readers, I have been keeping them to no more than two scenes … Continue reading

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New chapter up

I have a new chapter up at Curmudgeonzone The tale has returned at last to Rowanhart to deal with mentioned in the epilogue to the final Journey of the Sacred … Continue reading

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Lycan Blood

With “Serpent’s Quest” available once more and “Fireborn Law” and “If Truth Dies” soon to be out, I thought I might talk a little bit about the series. Like all … Continue reading

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Serpent’s Quest is finally out at Amazon and other online spots. They managed to not get the cover image up, so I”ll have to get that fixed.

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Kynyr’s War

Like all of the books in the Lycan Blood series, Kynyr’s War (book four) was a victim of the original publisher, Renebooks. I dropped entire threads that contributed to the … Continue reading

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Blurbs for Serpent’s Quest

I now have two blurbs. The first one is from Lyn McConchie and I received it for the first edition of Serpent’s Quest. Janrae Frank’s books are always something I … Continue reading

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Fireborn Law, first chapter

I’m rather fond of this chapter.  More behind the cut CHAPTER ONE LAWGIVER Pandeena Moonbow rode into the quiet village of Running Horse at the southern edge of the mountain … Continue reading

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Serpent’s Quest is now Available

For a limited time only, the print edition of Serpent’s Quest is available during the test marketing phase at a $2.00 discount. On August 19th, the book will be made … Continue reading

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Blood Hope is now out

Blood Hope is now available at Fictionwise. My books are currently available at the Sony ebook store and in amazon kindle editions as well as at Fictionwise. The print edition … Continue reading

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Blood Hope

Blood Hope will be out on Monday the 12th at fictionwise. An excerpt has been posted on my website. This is the first Dark Brothers of the Light novel to … Continue reading

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The Shadowed Princes

The Shadowed Princes the final book in the Lycan Blood series is now out. However, the publisher screwed up and put the cover blurb from Kady’s Vengeance on it and … Continue reading

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