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Guest post: Thea Larson

Thea Larson is the author of Trust, a YA science fiction novel published by Daverana Enterprises. I asked her to do a guest post for us and here it is.


Hi everyone! My name is Thea Larson, a new writer for Daverana Enterprises. Well, new-ish. I have a book out already, called Trust, starring the most adorable boy in fiction. I daresay he could put Oliver Twist to shame in a contest of cuteness. Then again, I’m incredibly biased, so I’ll let my readers decide the outcome.

So, I guess I should be talking about myself. As a human I’m really boring. I work, I come home, I game, I sleep, I work. The only notable thing about that is that my day is the reverse of normal folks – I work the night shift at Wal-Mart. Midnight is my noon. It really is disconcerting to go to bed in daylight and wake up in the dark. It’s like the world has gone strange, you know? I’m getting used to it though.

The most interesting thing about me, I guess, is what goes on in my head. At any given moment, if you were to crack my skull open and spill the contents onto a page, it would look like a mess of roads. These roads are plots, lots of different plots, and they take many forms. Some are wide, straight roads with hardly any detours. Some are single lane and wind around the larger roads. Some interest with others, then branch out into their own thing. Still, it’s a mess of the highest order. I can’t keep anything straight.

If you couldn’t tell, I love to plot stories. I love to plot about characters. My favorite thing isn’t an intense action scene, or a love story. Getting into the heads of my characters is what makes me happy. I could spend chapters upon chapters analyzing a character’s thoughts and motivations. Thousands of words are spend describing such things. Sometimes I get too thought-heavy and have to remind myself that stuff has to happen, too. Sigh. #writerproblems, am I right?

Outside of fiction, I have lots of other loves too! I most recently love to play Final Fantasy XIV, and not just because I recreated my adorable catboy within it. It’s such a vibrant world that feels so alive, and I love wandering within places like that. Games that let me forget the real world and immerse myself like that are wonderful. I’m incredibly inspired by these games, and that inspiration bleeds through into my writing.

Now that that backstory is out of the way, I suppose I should talk about some projects I’m currently working on.

Trust is getting a sequel! With an ending like that, how can it not? I can’t talk about it that much, but I can tell you that it takes place mostly on Earth. Thanks to June, children around the world are being saved from fatal illnesses. These new “Kittens” face trials of their own, and Risa finds herself drawn into them through her connection to June. This book is going to explore this future world where the ideology “Humans are humans” is put to the test. Will these Kittens be granted the right to live, or will they find their lives snuffed out prematurely? You’ll have to read it to see!

Another project is an urban fantasy romance. This stars another catboy (what can I say? I love them) who is stranded far from home. He’s saved by the kindness of a human whose heart he captures. It’s not as simple as that, though. There’s a reason this catboy was stranded, and getting home isn’t as simple as it seems. Higher powers are taking notice of him. Why are some people calling him a demon? The only thing about this plot is that it features a male/male pairing. So, big warning ahead of time. There are a few male/female pairings, but the main one isn’t.

Other plots include another science fiction one (amnesiac magical kid IN SPACE!) and two other romances (I hate romance, why am I writing it?). Both romances are male/male (it’s what I write, sorry). First is plain ol’ modern fantasy, a twist on Cinderella. The second is a twist on Beauty and the Beast. Finding a fire spirit living in a snowfield is legit, right? Right?

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this trip through my head. Have a good day! Please also check out my book, Trust, and head to my facebook page for more updates.


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