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Can’t lock from a liar

Mama always told me, “A liar is worse than a thief, because you can lock from a thief, but you can’t lock from a liar.”

Case in point. After ignoring Tabetha Jones for months, she went after me again and what you get is all those posts from last week and the week before.  Week before last, I was supposed to be Wendy Hunyor. This week I am supposed to be winning lawsuits by the skin of my teeth or losing them wholesale. It’s hard to tell what she is actually saying in those screen shots and the comments to Lepplady. Keep y our eye on Tabetha as the lies about me are changing weekly. It’s kind of like one of those Silent movie serials always ending with a cliff hanger.

I trust that my deeds and my quality will shine through and provide the truth to everyone. In the meantime, all this dust up with Tabetha has led me to some serious thinking about the lies and truths evident on the internet. Scammers like Write Agenda are still doing it to Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware. When you make it a habit to expose the scammers, you will get this type of action.

However, even those of us who are not dealing with the scammers get the same action. Remember those girls, those mean girls, who would tell lies and spread rumors about innocent people in High School? If you were one of the victims, it hurt a lot. I was a victim a few times, but it stopped fast after I punched a few of them out.  But then, my inner reality was male. When you become an adult the option of punching your detractors is exchanged for verbal attacks only. Or printed ones.

I think it might have been Abraham Lincoln who said, “I know no man with so perfect a memory as to make a good liar.” I have to agree with that.  As Tabetha’s lies get bigger and bigger and bigger, Pinocchio’s nose is getting longer and longer and longer. But let’s put this in context.  From what I am reading at places like The Huffington Post and other papers online, is that we are inundated with this kind of behavior.

If you wish to avoid getting caught in the circle of lies, it is relatively simple to avoid them. Google is your friend.

Now, I’m not just talking about myself, but about liars in general here. Google them. Most things can be backed up with proof from independent sources. Go over to the Washington Post site and google me in their back list from the 80s.  Go over to the Los Angeles Times and find me in their backlist. The next time you hear outrageous and hurtful rumors about anyone, anyone at all, go google them. It might take a bit of searching, but you might discover that those rumors are not true.

And that is all for now, enjoy your internet, humans. The pod people are taking over.

2 comments on “Can’t lock from a liar

  1. Lepplady
    August 16, 2013

    These are the same things Tabetha says. “It’s all lies! It’s not true! They’re starting rumors and bullying me!” The trick here is like you say. Google.
    If you want to find out the truth that Cuss is a credible, established member of the literary community, a little bit of searching on the internet will show you that.
    If you want to find out the truth about Tabetha and her low-life boyfriend (who calls old ladies the C-word. Classy), a little bit of searching around will show you that, too. You won’t have to look too far to find crass, vulgar, rude comments from both of them, lies as far as the eye can see, and a track record of ripping off authors, artists and editors.
    You’ll also find post after post from Tabetha, laying it on thick, insisting that all of that is made up by people who want to take her down. What you have to ask yourself is “why?” Why would anybody waste their time trying to “take down” a nobody? She has no credentials, no credibility at all within the literary world. Why would so many people bother to write anything about her unless it was true?
    No, boys and girls. The reason they write bogs and articles about Tabetha isn’t because we all have nothing to do but Jones (pun intended) after such a vulgar, latentless failure. It’s because she’s a predator, a thief and a liar, and we hope that by exposing her antics, nobody else will fall into her trap and become victimized.

    One more thing to ask yourself: If she’ll be so vulgar and insulting to those other former authors of hers, how will she talk about you when your back is turned? Is that what you want from a publisher? Or would you rather have a professional handling your writing career for you?

    Seriously. Ask yourself these things as you ponder the truth about Tabetha Jones.

  2. Lepplady
    August 16, 2013

    Oh, crap. The pod people are coming. *hides*

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